What makes our
Map Image API better?

  • Fresher

    Fresher map imagery from ground level
    via one powerful and simple API.

  • Higher Resolution

    4K or better

  • Every perspective

    Map imagery captured by front- and
    side-facing dashcams

Use cases

Fresh, high resolution, and accurate imagery are the primary ingredient for great maps.
The Map Image API is a simple, powerful, and cost effective map imagery source used across
industries and use cases. Trusted and used by forward looking businesses across the logistics,
utilities, real-estate, telecom, insurance, and engineering industries.


Complex road system

  • Highway interchanges with constantly changing on and off ramps are one example of complex road systems that need to be monitored for changes.

Missing addresses

  • Missing addresses in urban environments makes delivery challenging.
  • Our Map Image API provides high resolution street level imagery to help identify all those delivery locations with missing addresses.

One address, multiple locations

  • Complex locations like hospitals and shopping centers have one address, but multiple delivery locations.
  • Logistics companies need granular information about delivery locations.
  • The Map Image data from above and ground level lets you identify and update your systems with this granular information.

Complex drop off / pick up

  • Drop off and pick up locations for ride sharing companies often occur in areas with obstructed map imagery.
  • The street level imagery crowdsourced by a network of contributors collects in these locations.

Commercial delivery entrance

  • There are 16-17 million delivery trucks in the US alone. Of those, 2.5 million are tractor trailors.
  • Tractor trailers are particulary hard to navigate at the point of delivery locations. There are complex rules and hazards waiting at every corner.
  • The combination of street level map imagery with ground based allows you to identify and label these locations with confidence.

Hivemapper’s maps provides me with the fresh data to ensure that my navigation systems have the best possible data, so driver’s know where they are going.

Joe, Logistics Manager


Asset inventory

  • Each utility pole has asset identifiers and equipment that need to be tracked for location and condition of the pole and equipment.
  • The combination of street level map imagery with ground based allows you to identify and label these locations with confidence.

With millions of physical assets out in the real world, I need to know where they are located, their condition, and possible potential issues with these assets. The fresh maps imagery from Hivemapper gives me an extra pair of eyes where I need it most.

Miguel, Operations Managers


Asset inventory

  • A city the size of Dallas, Texas has to deploy over 10,000 5G nodes to provide coverage. That means a wireless telecom operator has to track and manage hundreds of thousands of 5G equipment.

Real Estate

Create local maps

  • Neighborhood visualization for building permits
  • Help with real-estate appraisals
  • Showcase building and homes for sale or rental
  • Create campus maps for your campus, venue, hospital and more


Property risk assessment

  • High resolution street level imagery helps insurance companies understand the condition of a roof, swimming pool, fencing, and more.

Product Specs

The Map Image API is designed to enable you to start very small and scale as our map coverage grows.
You can choose between street level front facing, side facing, or request both.
Companies only pay based on Map Image API data usage, and there are no additional fees.
Anyone can start using the map today by creating an account and generating an API key.


  • 1 Map Tile = 0.001 Sq Km
  • 1,000 Map Tiles = 1 Sq Km


  • Absolute accuracy: 1 to 2 meters
  • Relative accuracy: 50 centimeters

File Format

  • JPG


  • 4K images (3840 × 2160) or better

Data available for
each Map tile

  • Front-facing imagery within the tile
  • Side-facing imagery within the tile
  • Private information (faces and license plate) masked

Coverage Map

Our coverage map shows you where contributors have built the global map.
Want a new area mapped or want fresher maps in an area?
You can prioritize a set of map tiles so that the area gets mapped faster.

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